Generating Hydro Power, Powering Progress

Enabling India to leverage Hydro power while creating
a legacy of sustainable energy

Our Hydro sites Presence in India

Harness the power of water with
Atria's Hydro Power Solutions

Atria's hydro power portfolio represents 40MW+ of Hydro Projects. We specialise in the development, acquisition, and operation of multiple power plants, efficiently driving profitability and sustainability.

Hydroelectric innovation

We help you meet your rising energy demands sustainably with pioneering hydroelectric innovation and unmatched speed.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer one of the most cost-effective, reliable, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional sources of power.

Helping take the burden off
Mother Nature's Shoulder

Contribute towards building a better future with eco-friendly power generation, reducing the carbon footprint through sustainable hydro projects.

Stable energy

We ensure efficient energy storage and management, contributing to grid stability, ensuring a consistent power supply.

Futuristic Technologies

Our expertise combined with cutting-edge technology helps maximize the efficiency and output of our hydroelectric projects.

Our Hydro Projects in India



18 MW



6.6 MW

Brindavan Mysore


12 MW

Brindavan Mysore


4 MW

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to a better future?