Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Atria Power's vision is to deliver disruptive solutions and enhance energy security for the country


To continuously innovate with an aim to push India towards global renewable energy dominance


To empower Indian companies’ energy needs with reliable and predictable energy security

Atria's Mission

One Stop Solution

Emerge as the preferred energy partners
for large energy consumers on both
demand and supply side

Dispatchable Renewable Energy

Become a leading developer in hybrid
solutions using renewable energy
with storage solutions

Leverage loT

to automate and increase productivity of
operating assets and remotely optimize
the consumption of customers

Values we abide by


Drive excellence, achieve results
through speed, responsiveness and being proactive


Achieve the most admired standard of ethics, through integrity and mutual trust


Be a trustworthy partner, work actively with employees and empower them.


For all our stakeholders - Environment, Customers and Employees